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Everything you need to know about how to make a rope halter? Well, it depends upon what your definition of everything is!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Day A New BLOG

A first for the Knotty Horse Halter Company for sure.  Not a first for me (I am KayZahn) as I have been an entrepreneur for a LONG TIME.

Most recently this company "The Knotty Horse Halter Company" changed hands.  It started as a home schooling project for a dad and his kids. They really had a neat little product, a JIG that helps make rope halters.  I bought one last year and it cut the learning curve by 1000%.  But about a week ago I got an email from Mark the founder, that the company was for sale.  His kids were outgrowing it and it was becoming more difficult to process orders.

In a RECORD SETTING MOVE I bought the company's assets in about 30 minutes and a few days later had the web site updated with new order info, Google ads and an email list collector to help keep track of what people need and want.  I did this in hopes that it turns into a 4H fundraiser (my daughter is a member of the BV Mavericks 4H Club)  There are 26 girls and horses and parents and we are always looking for ways to make money for the club.  We buy riding equipment, barrels and poles and we want bleachers and a long list of other stuff.

Anyway, in a few day we have a handful of folks on the mailing list and have already made one sale.  How exciting!

But we are making a few (also EXCITING) changes to the Knotty Horse Halter Company.  One is obvious because you are here.  We started a blog.  Where we can talk to customers, potential customers, other riders, traniers and just people who want to talk about horses.  So watch the blog for updates and join our mailing list so we can tell you when there are updates to the Blog (he he thats' sort of funny . . like a circular reference . . error error) But I digress.

Another exciting change at our little cottage company is that we are going to not only sell our Rope Halter JIG, but we are currently working on the Ebook (or whatever we call it) that will show you how to MAKE THE JIG.  That's right.  It's a simple little 8x11 pc of wood, some dowels and glue along with our copyrighted template and a license to use it. . . why would WE need to make every one?

So in the near future, on our website you will be able to get FREE access to our Automatic Measurement Calculator (you can get that now ;) and a way to purchase the Jig, the instructions, or a kit to make it yourself, or the rope, or a halter . . . get it?  Anyway you'd like to do it.  We'll make it available.  So thanks for following along.

I may or may not have my profile listed here (I have a number of blogs and they are not related) because it will confuse another set of "followers" (I think)  Horses and Art.  Even though handling, riding and understanding horses is an ART to be sure, it's not the same as my oil and pastel painting.  But if my profile isn't there, you can find me at anytime.

Best Regards,  Kay

ps:  I just realized that I SHOULD AD how thrilled I am about finding and buying this company.  Not (Knot) only because I love the product and my family uses it . . but because I'm a KNOT tier from way back too.  If you read the 50 things about me on my website you'll see of course that hubby and I are Rock Climbers (where knots are life or death subjects, not unlike when we put them on our horses)  but when I was young and since that time I have been a macramé artist.  The RA in my hands makes me choose these days how I want to use them.  Computer keyboard, Paintbrushes or tying knots.  But in my day I've likely tied thousands of knots.   Cool huh?